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SOL 3D scanner software for download here
SOL 3D scanner software download


SOL 3D scanner includes specialized software for download: ‘SOL Creator’ for scanning and ‘SOL Viewer’ for inspection and exporting of files.

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SOL Creator guides you smoothly through the entire scanning with automated processes for both calibration and meshing, saving you both time and effort.
In short, this is what happens:

  • Calibration makes sure your scanner and turntable are working properly together.
  • Scanning in up to five passes with your object scanned in different orientations optimizes the texture. The option ‘Turbo’ doubles the speed.
  • Meshing is where the different information from the scanning passes is combined into a 3D model.

After scanning, you can view the 3D model in different renderings in SOL Viewer before exporting to various third party 3D software for comparison, editing, measuring or 3D printing.

SOL software is available for Windows.

SOL Creator

SOL Creator is a 3D-object scanner assistant software designed exclusively for the orange SOL 3D scanner. It works with the hardware to conduct 3D scans.


SOL Viewer

After scanning, use SOL Viewer to view your 3D files in different renderings: shaded, faceted, x-ray and wireframe. Export your watertight 3D models to third party tools for further editing and 3D printing.

SOL Viewer also lets you upload your files directly to Sketchfab for fast and easy online presence.

SOL Viewer software included in download

System requirements

Supported operating systems:
Windows 11 and 10 64-bit (x64)

Note: Microsoft SQ CPU's are not supported
Graphics card:
Minimum 2 GB memory
Must support OpenGL 3.3 or higher
Recommended hardware:
2.8 GHz processor
4 cores (8 logical processors)
100 GB free disk space (system drive)
Power input:
USB 3.0 port (maximum 800 mA) or powered USB 3.0 hub
Internet:Required to access calibration data

Get help to see if your computer meets the system requirements, click here.

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Download software for the red SOL PRO 3D scanner

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