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Industrial design

Assist your industrial design by introducing 3D scanning to your process. A 3D scanner quickly generates digital models of your designs – be it foam modelling, a mold for injection molding or die casting.

Even intricate, organic shaped designs that can be complicated to model using CAD programs, are captured perfectly by a 3D scanner.

Industrial design with SOL PRO 3D scanner

How to benefit from a 3D scanner in industrial design

Prototyping and pre-production

Getting your product ready for production often takes iterations of sharing, modifying and producing prototypes with potential manufacturers. A 3D scanner helps you improve and share your original ideas with an all-in-one workflow.

Collaborate with stakeholders

Your 3D scanned models are saved automatically for easy and convenient sharing with customers, collaborators and coworkers.

Inspection of industrial design

Further down in the design process, a 3D scanner is useful for inspection of prototypes and checking that they match the planned design.

3D scanner for industrial design workflow

Short workflow:

  1. Scan your product using SOL PRO 3D scanner
  2. View your digital 3D model (automatically saved in the built-in collection for later reference)
  3. Share it online or with collaborators

Extended workflow:

  1. Export in one of the supported formats: OBJ, STL, XYZ, DAE, PLY
  2. Import your file into your preferred 3D modeling software
  3. Improve or modify your work


Once a scan is completed, SOL PRO Viewer 3D software can save the model in various file types (OBJ, STL, PLY, DAE and XYZ) for further publication or distribution. Scans can also be uploaded to Sketchfab directly from the SOL PRO software for easy online sharing.

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3D modeling

This part of the workflow is about using a scan as a starting point or reference object for more complex 3D modeling. Users will create a 3D model using the SOL PRO 3D scanner and then import the OBJ or STL file into their modeling software of choice. Once imported, they can use the scan as an 'outline' of the model they wish to create or incorporate the scan into other work projects.

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