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Sharing workflow

Reverse engineering with 3D scanning


Sharing your work is easy with SOL and SOL PRO 3D scanners. With just a click on an icon you can upload your 3D models to sharing platforms and show your creations to the world.

Simple steps using SOL or SOL PRO

Scan to share workflow with 3D scanning
  1. Scan the object using the SOL or SOL PRO 3D scanner with included Creator software
  2. Review your scan in Viewer
  3. Upload to Sketchfab or P3D by clicking the icon
  4. Share your 3D model via embedding, emailing or social media from Sketchfab or P3D

Sketchfab and P3D

Sketchfab and P3D are cloud-based 3D model sharing services that we have integrated into the Viewer software.

Once uploaded to Sketchfab or P3D, it is easy to share to other channels.


File Export

The Viewer software can export to the most common 3D file formats:


It should be noted that these files can become quite large depending on the complexity of the object scanned and the level of detail captured. You may not be able to email files, even after compressing (zip).

The STP file format is not currently supported by SOL and SOL PRO.


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