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Best plug-and-play 3D scanners

SOL and SOL PRO are the only 3D scanners on the market with fully automated processes for calibration and meshing. Both scanners include intuitive software and deliver impressive scans with minimal user intervention.
Calibrate, scan, mesh. That’s it.

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SOL PRO 3D scanner by Scan Dimension

SOL PRO 3D scanner

2x speed - 2x accuracy


0.05 mm (50 my)

Camera resolution:
8 MP

Supported operating systems:
Windows and MacOS

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SOL 3D scanner by Scan Dimension

SOL 3D scanner

Best price-performance ratio


0.1 mm

Camera resolution:
5 MP

Supported operating system:

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3D Printing Industries reviews SOL PRO 3D scanner

"Those seeking a turnkey 3D scanner need not look any further, as the SOL PRO is the complete package."

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Review of SOL 3D scanner

"We've never come across a 3D scanning workflow this automated, so Scan Dimension really wasn't kidding when it marketed its system in this manner."

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