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Double speed, double accuracy

The all new 3D scanner

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Show off your product or creations with a 360° view!  The easy-to-use SOL 3D scanner enables you to quickly share and embed your 3D scans in your online store, Facebook, Twitter, and more using a state-of-the-art, interactive 3D viewer. This powerful tech

SOL 3D scanner


 - Precision 3D Scans You Can Do Yourself

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SOL PRO 3D scanner

SOL PRO, precision, colormatch and texture. Fully automated 3D scanner for professional use. Sold through channel only.

0.05 mm accuracy


SOL 3D scanner

SOL, user-friendly 3D scanner for small and mid-size objects. For hobbyists, makers, educators and entrepreneurs.

0.1 mm accuracy

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Introducing the all new SOL PRO

Best plug-and-play 3d scanners

The Scan Dimension 3D scanners are designed for small to mid-size objects. The only scanners on the market that empowers one-touch simplicity, intuitive software and delivers impressive scans. The whole process is automated:

1. Calibrate - 2. Scan - 3. Mesh.

Meanwhile, just sit-back and enjoy the system working for you and expect great results, ready to be saved or shared with others. And it all comes for a great price.

SOL – The Market’s Most User-Friendly 3D Scanner for small and mid-size objects

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Recreate objects in new sizes or material, or export the 3D model to incorporate it into other projects.

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Scan your unique creations and save them for 3D printing or online sharing or showcasing.

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SOL 3D scanner for STEM/STEAM and Educators


Lesson plan included: Students will learn how to scan an object and export their scan for printing.

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Show your product and inventions to the world for co-partners, prototyping and funding.

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Q&A Engineers

3D scan parts to ensure that they comply with company and industry standards and tolerances.

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Use Cases

NEW: Scan-to-inspect

By scanning and then exporting your model to your CAD or 3D inspection software, you can compare it or measure it to ensure that tolerances are met or that your model is an exact copy.

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Scan Dimension 3D scanners help jump-start your modeling by giving you accurately sized replica objects. Then, these can then be incorporated into your project, or used as a reference object. Choose the scanner that fits your need for accuracy.

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Reproducing an object can be time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. The SOL and SOL PRO 3D scanners and software allows you to create a replica of objects easily. Using your preferred printing software, easily scale your scans up or down.

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In the past, sharing a 3D representation of something has been challenging. The Scan Dimension 3D scanners and software make it easy to share to Sketchfab with just one click.

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