Sol by Scan Dimension

SOL by Scan Dimension - 3D scanner: Accurate, Affordable, Professional

SOL 3d scanner

$699 - Precision 3D Scans You Can Do Yourself

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"SOL 3D Scanner: Easy, Inexpensive, Precise"

~Jeffrey Rowe (


Sol by Scan Dimension

Simple & Intuitive Design

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Sol by Scan Dimension - 3D scanner: Accurate, Affordable, Professional

SOL 3D scanner: precision at a price you can afford

"I liked how accurate the scanner is..."

 - maker, Kansas City

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SOL, the Market’s Most User-Friendly 3D Scanner



Engineers - Crafters – Designers – Inventors. Share your creations online or reproduce your designs…

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SOL 3D scanner by Scan Dimension - Hobbyist


Collectors - Artists - Creators. Share and manage your collections…

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SOL 3D scanner for STEM/STEAM and Educators


Technical Schools – STEM/STEAM - Science Labs. Get hands-on experience in the world of 3D...

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Designers – Businesses – Start-ups. Show your inventions to the world…

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Take SOL for a 3D spin

Use Cases


Creating an accurate 3D model of a complex object can be difficult.  SOL helps jump-start your modeling by giving you accurately sized replica objects.  Then, these can then be incorporate into your project, or used as a reference object.

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Reproducing an object can be time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone.  The SOL 3D scanner and software allows you to create a replica of objects easily.  Using your preferred printing software, easily scale your scans up or down.

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In the past, sharing a 3D representation of something has been challenging.  The SOL 3D scanner and software make this easy, especially with the free cloud storage from our partner,, provided free with the SOL 3D scanner.  

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"Just Brilliant. I was able to scan an incredibly small model head with minute details like a clef chin and it was visible in a zoom! Super happy. As reference this was a 1/12 scale human head."

– Austin, Texas

Make Salt Lake
“I learned how to use this scanner today and it is freakin' awesome! We only did a single scan, but I will definitely be back to do more!!!”

– Hobbyist at Make Salt Lake

Hammerspace Community Workshop - KC
“SOL is a great 3D scanner that easily competes with multi-thousand-dollar scanners that we have here at the makerspace.”

– David Dalton, Hammerspace Community Workshop

Now this unit is no speed demon, but it is pretty much start and forget while it is working. I found the quality of construction excellent, and the assembly easy. My only criticism is that it takes two USB ports to make it work - so I bought a powered hub
"I have access to several mid-price scanning options and several very expensive units. For the price, this unit performed very well on a resin-cast gnome that I've used for a scan target in other systems. The first scan came out perfectly and with a watertight STL file ready to print."

– Maker in Texas

Sol by Scan Dimension - 3D scanner: Accurate, Affordable, Professional


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