Scan Dimension

Now available: Lesson plans for educational purposes

Now available: Lesson plans for educational purposes

Allow your pupils and students to get experience with 3D scanning. Teach them how to convert their creative physical ideas into digital 3D models and show them what they can do with their scans afterwards.

The lesson plans will teach your students how to 3D scan an object and export their scan for 3D printing or digital sharing.

Both the introductions and the lesson plans are now available as flyers for downloading and easy distribution in the classroom, or as hand out material at information assemblies.

The flyers are available in both English and German, and the German version was received with great interest at the German exhibition Didacta 2024, Köln.

See more and download the flyers here:

Primary school, high school or art school (SOL 3D scanner)

Technical schools and universities (SOL PRO 3D scanner)