Scan Dimension

3D desktop scanners by Scan Dimension

3D desktop scanners are perfect for any user that needs to scan with high accuracy. To ensure top 3D modeling results from every single scan, the turntable of the scanners rotates the object. To scan the bottom of your object just turn it over and add another scanning pass - the final meshing is fully automated.

Both the calibration, scanning, and meshing are automated and easily performed with a 3D desktop scanner.

Even though it's called a 3D desktop scanner our scanners are easily disassembled with thumb screws, packed up, and ready to move to the next location.

We at Scan Dimension are experts in 3D desktop scanners and software with minimal user intervention. Both of our 3D object scanners include intuitive software and deliver impressive scan results using different technologies and firmware. 

SOL PRO: Twice the speed and twice the accuracy

SOL: Best price-performance ratio

SOL and SOL PRO are the only 3D scanners on the market with fully automated processes for calibration and meshing.

Calibrate, scan, mesh. That’s it.