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Product and quality inspection with SOL PRO 3D scanner

Product and quality inspection with SOL PRO 3D scanner

Use SOL PRO 3D scanner for quality inspection of products and parts.

Compared to traditional measuring tools like calipers and coordinate measuring machines (CMM) you get a complete set of data from 3D scanning without extensive preparations.

SOL PRO 3D scanner instantly calculates volume and surface area for organic shaped objects, and minimize errors measuring objects made of soft material where measuring tools may affect the size.

SOL PRO 3D desktop scanner is easy to assemble and operate and the software solution only needs a few mouse clicks to complete a scan. So it’s a very simple task to 3D scan your part or product and get it ready for further measurements.

Watch this video to see how to make a 3D scanning from start to finish with SOL PRO

After 3D scanning you get surface area and volume results right away. Saving the model in .obj or .stl file format makes it easily accessible for comparison and measuring in third-party software.

SOL PRO 3D scanner by Scan Dimension - perfect for product and quality inspection

The benefits of inspecting with SOL PRO 3D scanner

  • No training required
  • The object surface is untouched while measuring
  • Measuring the full surface area
  • No need to add markers on objects or prepping of the scanner for the specific object
  • Easily save, measure or compare your 3D model in third-party software
  • 0.05 mm (50 microns) accuracy
  • Portable and easily moved between locations

SOL PRO Creator software gets you smoothly through the complex process of 3D scanning and lets you make 3D scans in very few steps.

We have automated both the calibration, the scanning and the meshing processes. The only true interaction with the scanner is when you turn and rearrange your object to scan additional orientations.

After scanning you can read the volume and surface area directly in the SOL PRO Viewer software and also save your model for third-party software.

3D model comparison

You can easily compare your 3D model to the original, using your preferred 3D software. In this example, we have used CloudCompare, a great simple tool for comparison of the original 3D model and the SOL PRO 3D model.

Product inspection with SOL PRO 3D scanner - comparison example

A 3D comparison like this lets you see if the scanned 3D model differs from the original drawing. This model has a small square cavity that cannot be 100% captured by a 3D scanning, and you can see the difference (blue). 

If you are only interested in measurements of parts of a model or specific points, you can open your scanned 3D model in any 3D tool and take measurements of a specific distance to verify it is within specs.

Keep measurements and 3D model

A great advantage of measuring using SOL PRO 3D scanner is that you are able to keep the 3D model for measurements in the future. Or as reference for that specific part or product.