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Quick Start Guide

SOL by Scan Dimension - 3D scanner: Accurate, Affordable, Professional

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The User Manual contains all essential information for the user to make full use of the information system. This manual includes a description of the system functions and capabilities, contingencies and alternate modes of operation, and step-by-step procedures for system access and use of the SOL 3D Scanner. 

Brief introduction

"SOL" is a 3D-object scanner assistant software that is designed exclusively for Scan Dimension. It works with the hardware to conduct 3D scans, which will provide instant previews of files and output files for saving. Further editing and printing can be done with third party tools. 

For Mac OS users 

 For information on the latest edition and technical support visit: Software Install

System requirements 

Prior to using "SOL by Scan Dimension," please acquire the latest version of the software by clicking here.

Before using the product, please check if the following recommended requirements are in line with the operating environment of the system:


Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10

macOS X 10.14 or 10.15


Hardware Requirements

Processor: 64-bit processor with 2 cores

Hard disk space: 5 GB or more

Graphics card: OpenGL 3.3 compatible

Display: 1024 x 768 pixels or higher

2 - USB 3.0 Ports


Note: a valid internet connection is required when installing, updating and using SOL. 

Other firmware and third-party programs

Graphic card drivers must be able to support OpenGL 3.3and above.

Note: The standard VGA driver in the operating system or a graphics card that cannot support OpenGL 3.3 and above may cause SOL to generate unknown errors during operation. 

Common VGA driver URL locations:


Note: Before installing any drivers, precautions should be made to review each drivers' instruction prior to usage. Scan Dimension neither directly supports nor otherwise has an affiliation with any of the drivers listed.

Getting started


The relevant operations described in this document must be conducted in conjunction and prior to the installation of the software.

Getting started with SOL

Installation instructions

Please download the newest version of the software. Once downloaded, then double click or click "SOL"

 Installation Instructions.png

You can also open Explorer and look for the following file in the disc drive folder. Double click to activate SOL Setup.

 Installation Instructions


Once installed - Auto-Updates will be made available as each new release is available. In order to receive this option, please register your scanner when prompted.

Installation Instructions


You will be welcomed by the SOL Setup Wizard. Click Next, to continue.

Installation Instructions

The Setup Wizard will continue to install all necessary files. This process might take up to 10 minutes.

Installation Instructions
Once complete, Click Finish, to launch SOL.

Installation 3


Note: If you wish to launch the software at a separate time, uncheck the box Launch SOL.

Congratulations! You have completed setup and may launch the SOL software. Upon launch it will go through a few checks and then launch.

SOL Start-up

Note if there is a warning, you will be notified and then click Continue to proceed opening the software.

Step 1 – Register Scanner 

Provide your email to register your SOL Scanner, receive new software releases and more. As mentioned, your email will not be sent to any third-parties or spammed.

Register SOL Scanner

Step 2 – Calibration

When the software opens, Click on the Scan button. You will then be instructed to remove everything from the turn-table to calibrate the device. Calibrating will determine the distance and prepare for the scanning process. Click on the OK button.

Calibration - SOL 

Note: Ensure the tent is placed over the object with cover in place prior to calibration or scanning. 

Step 3 – Place Object for Scanning

Once the calibration has been completed. Place the object you wish to scan and ensure the tent is in place and then click on the OK button.

Place Object


Step 4 – Change Orientation 

Once the 1st scan will be completed. You will be prompted to change the orientation (it is recommended for at least 2 scanning passes for best results). Place the object in a new orientation and then click on the Yes button (as instructed).

Once all scans have been completed the software will mesh all the images into 1 three- dimensional file.

Change Orientation

Note: Once all the scans have been completed the software will generate and output file containing the three-dimensional mesh. 

Step 5 – Combining Files 

Once the merging/mesh of the files is complete. You may view the scan, rotate, share and save locally to open the file in other 3D editing or printing software. 

Meshing Files in SOL

Step 6 – SOL Viewer

Once the object is scanned the SOL Viewer will automatically launch, which allows you to use advanced options, share, save, etc.