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SOL review by 3D Printing Industry

SOL 3D scanner review by 3D Printing Industry

Photo by 3D Printing Industry

In its review of SOL 3D scanner, 3D Printing Industry is very pleased with the scanner's usability, proclaiming:

“We’ve never come across a 3D scanning workflow this automated.” 

Scanning tests

3D Printing Industry took SOL through to a series of tests, and was positively surprised by the results of both precision and benchmarking tests as well as the overall usability of both hardware and software.

Their verdict of scanning tabletop models 3D printed in a matte grey resin:

“For a scanner in this price range, all of the models came out definitively clean – a big win for the SOL.”

3D printed in a matte grey resin scanned with SOL. Image by 3D Printing Industry.


Precision test

This test involving the scanning of a 100 mm long benchmarking cuboid of known dimensions showed a precision with an average offset at -0.0421 mm with a standard deviation of 0.2127 mm.

This means that 99.6% of the scanned points lie between -0.68 mm and +0.60 mm of their intended dimensions.

Considering the price point of the scanner, this is a great result.

Comparison of the scanned cuboid to the original STL file. Image by 3D Printing Industry.


The verdict

“What SOL really provides is value for money – pure and simple."


Read the full review on 3D Printing Industry’s homepage:
Scan Dimension SOL – Fully-automated desktop 3D scanning


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