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SOL PRO review by 3D Printing Industry

SOL PRO review by 3D Printing Industry

Photo by 3D Printing Industry

3D Printing Industry thoroughly reviewed our SOL PRO 3D scanner hardware and software and did a series of benchmarking and scanning tests.

Precision test

One of the tests was comparing the SOL PRO 3D scanning of a 100 mm long cuboid to the original STL file.

100 mm benchmarking model - SOL PRO. Image by 3D Printing Industry.

The result impressed 3D Printing Industry:

“For a system in this price range, this is a very small average imprecision and a very tight point cloud spread. To put this into context, when using this scanner you can expect 99.6% of your scanned points to be within -0.36 mm and +0.32 mm of their intended dimensions.”


Scanning tests

The various 3D scanning tests were made with objects of different shapes and surfaces, and although some of these had surfaces that are generally hard to capture, 3D Printing Industry were excited about the ease of use, and the software workflow:

“There’s not much to say other than the fact that this works and it works well, the one-click scan approach is as easy as it sounds.”


SOL PRO scanning examples by 3D Printing Industry

Read the full review on 3D Printing Industry’s homepage:
Scan Dimension SOL PRO – Streamlining the desktop 3D scanning workflow


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