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Holiday Ornament from a Clay Sculpture that Scanned, Scaled, Printed

3D scanning of ornament with SOL 3D scanner - and 3D printing

Ornament for Grandma

See how SOL 3D scanner can help make custom presents for all the grand-parents. Watch a child create a sculpture, scan, scale, and print it, then make it into a unique gift. See how in this article.

This mom, Amy, is a talented developer by day and hobbyist by night. She has a passion for making ceramics, clay sculptures and keepsakes. As the holidays quickly approach, she is wanting to do a project with her son, Jett, for his grandma. She wants something personal and special using her talents and his new-found talents from his school's STEM learnings.

It is a tradition of their family to collect tree ornaments every year for each child. She decides that anyone can buy some decor, but using their talents to make something to cherish is a lot more satisfying and personal.  

She decides that she is going to do an art piece replica, which will be transformed into a smaller size ornament.

Let's show how this masterpiece was created.

Step 1 

Mom and son molded some clay into a baby dinosaur being hatched.

Mom and son molded some clay into a baby dinosaur being hatched.

Step 2

After sculpting the clay is allowed to dry exposing a solid, sturdy and adorable baby dinosaur hatching from an egg.

baby dinosaur

Step 3

Jett then shows his brother, Connor, how simple the SOL 3D scanner was in making the replica of their mom's art piece. 

Step 4

Jett continued to scan the dinosaur. Once completed he called his brother over to see the results in the SOL Viewer.

Step 5

The results are amazing. The dino was scanned using SOL in near-mode. 3 scan passes were made of the piece, two in an upright position and one lying down on the turn-table in different orientations.

The dino was scanned using SOL 3D scanner


Step 6

Jett then uploaded the object to P3D cloud storage to show off his work. See for yourself, choose the different displays within to see the accuracy of the scanner after just 3 scan passes.

Step 7

They then exported the file using the SOL Viewer into OBJ format to prepare for 3D printing.

then exported the file using the SOL Viewer

Step 8

They uploaded the OBJ to Sculpteo to be 3D printed and scaled-down the object by 50% using Sculpteo's tools.

OBJ to Sculpteo

Note: The model could have just as easily been sent to their own 3D printer.

Step 9

The 3D printed dino was received in the mail. Notice how it was scaled to 50% smaller to be the perfect size ornament.

3D printed dino

Step 10

Connor secures a string, using super glue, on the dinosaur for easy tree hanging.

Step 11

Jett uses paint pens to decorate the ornament.

Step 12

Jett loved packing the box with this handcrafted treasure, knowing that he would be putting some math, science, and craftsmanship into his Grandma's tree.

packing box
SOL 3D Scanner

Step 13

Grandma loved the keepsake and immediately hung it on the tree.