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Transforming 3D Scans into New Creations

Lamp made by scanning, resizing and 3D printing - using SOL 3D scanner to scan

3D scanning isn't just about scanning an object and bringing it to life.

You can transform your artistic possibilities by easily removing the physical limitations that come with making things by hand. A digital object generated from a 3D Scanner can uncover new worlds.

Here is one example where 3D scanning of any object can transform art into a masterpiece or collectible.

The Process 

We chose to use a small Knight Anubis chess piece and performed 4 passes with the SOL 3D Scanner in near-mode.

In this example, we uploaded the file to 

This file is stored in and available for download, modification, printing and more. To download click on the following icon:


Note: The scanner software will allow you to save the scanned files into 5 different formats: OBJ, STL, XYZ, DAE, PLY for further modification. 

After scanning, we scaled the object to be 20 cm tall and had it printed in White PA12.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the original object and the scaled object printed:

side-by-side comparison of the original object and the scaled object printed

After the object was printed, we drilled holes to secure it to a base and hold a lamp shade. 

After the object was printed, the artist drilled a hole in the object.

A piece of wood was drilled, prepped, stained and allowed to dry for use as a base.

Stained and prepped the base

We used spray paint on the 3D printed Anubis to give the object a hammered and metallic look. 

Note: You can smooth, dye and coat your products when printed with PA12.

The artist then painted the 3D printed object

The spray paint adds a metal type look to the 3D printed object

Once painted, the lamp was assembled with LED lights in the shade.

Once painted, the lamp was assembled with LED lights in the shade

The final results are amazing. We turned a cherished chess piece into a unique, metallic looking, desktop lamp.

Finished lamp - result in the dark with the lamp turned on
Result of the home-made lamp


The SOL 3D scanner is a powerful tool and enhances the creative process. It opens up possibilities, giving hobbyists and makers more artistic freedom.

Here is the original chess piece, a 3D Printed object and our final masterpiece. 

The original and two resized and 3D printed figures

We would love to hear about your projects with the SOL 3D Scanner. 

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