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A SOL 3D scanning from start to finish

SOL 3D scanning from start to finish

SOL and SOL PRO scanners may look very similar on the outside. But the firmware, the hardware components, and the software are different.

We developed SOL 3D scanner with this in mind: A very easy-to-use solution for creating digital copies of real-world objects - with as many automated processes as possible. Easy setup, intuitive software, no manual cleaning of 3D models.

This blog shows you a real-world object turned 3D model using SOL 3D scanner. 

Need higher accuracy than 0.1 mm? Read our blog post about a 3D scanning with SOL PRO here

SOL and SOL PRO 3D scanners

Scanning with SOL

The scanning with SOL uses a small bird’s skull as an example. The skull is 53x30x27 mm (2.01x1.18x1.06 in).

Move the slider to switch between the original (left) and the final 3D model (right):

See the video detailing how to get from original to final 3D model with SOL:


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