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SOL PRO – Updating the high accuracy profile, when and how often?

SOL PRO – Updating the high accuracy profile, when and how often?

Depending on your need, SOL PRO gives you the option to choose between three different scanning modes: normal, turbo and high accuracy.

While you can just go ahead and scan with normal and turbo scanning modes without any further ado, scanning in high accuracy requires a profiling procedure. The short process is an automated part of the included software.

About high accuracy profiling

As part of the production, a highly advanced calibration robot executes part one of a special calibration process on every single SOL PRO 3D scanner. Part two is performed by the user utilizing a unique cylindrical target that enables the scanner to scan with an exceptionally high accuracy of up to 0.05 mm.

Watch this 2 minute video on how to make or update a high accuracy profiling:

When and how often should you update your high accuracy profile?


  • Whenever you relocate the scanner
  • If the scanner has been exposed to vibration or moved
  • If the room temperature has changed more than 10° C (18° F) since the last high accuracy profiling
  • If you need to be absolutely sure that your SOL PRO 3D scanner is ready to scan with up to 0.05 mm in accuracy

Every two weeks:

  • If the scanner remains in the same spot and the stand have not been shifted between near or far position too often

Tip: A successful 3D scanning requires the scanner to be completely still, while operating. In order not to expose the scanner to vibrations from your other work tasks, you should place it on a separate table.

What happens if I do not update the high accuracy profile?

In an optimal setting where the scanner is not moved, shook or relocated, and the room temperature stays exactly the same, then, in theory, the scanner would continuously perform with an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm with no update needed.

However, an optimal setting is hardly obtainable. So make sure that you update the high accuracy profiling according to the above guidelines to keep your scanner’s performance in high accuracy mode.

Happy scanning!