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A SOL PRO 3D scanning from start to finish

SOL PRO 3D scanning from start to finish

SOL PRO may look very similar to SOL on the outside. But the firmware, the hardware components, and the software are different and all together they ad up to a twice as fast and more accurate 3D scanner.

Let the high accuracy (up to 0.05 mm), the laser technology (True laser space conversion) and the better camera (8 MP) of SOL PRO 3D scanner assist you in: quality assurance, product inspection, prototyping, and 3D printing tasks.

The workflow is still simple: Just go ahead and calibrate, scan, mesh - all automated processes in SOL PRO.

See here how you convert a real-world object into 3D model using SOL PRO 3D scanner. 

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SOL PRO and SOL 3D scanners from Scan Dimension

Scanning with SOL PRO

The scanning with SOL PRO is of an ear impression made from a soft silicone-based material. It measures 30x23x38 mm (1.2x0.9x1.5 in).

Move the slider to switch between the original (left) and the final 3D model (right):

See the video detailing how to get from original to final 3D model with SOL PRO Creator 2.0: 


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