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SOL PRO 3D scanner - Press coverage in 2021

SOL PRO 3D scanner - Press coverage in 2021

The news of Scan Dimension launching SOL PRO 3D scanner in August 2021 have not gone unnoticed. These are some of the press coverage.


Scan Dimension SOL PRO 3D scanner: Is this the one?

SlashGear boldly kicks off their article about SOL PRO 3D scanner:

“A new 3D scanner appeared in the release schedule at Scan Dimension with an aim for top performance in a desktop sized machine.”

And continue:

"The SOL PRO has a scan time of 15 minutes and a turbo time of 8 minutes. Of course it all depends on what sort of detail you’d like to get, and the computer hardware you’re working with – overall processing time can change."

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Professional High-Accuracy Scanner Amplifies the Power of 3D scanning

Industry Analysts mentions SOL PRO in their article linked below:

"SOL PRO is an ideal 3D scanner for engineers and QA professionals, who can use 3D scanned objects to ensure exact copies of an original. SOL PRO 3D scanned objects can also be used for 3D printing or product inspection to ensure that manufactured parts comply with industry tolerance standards. For reverse engineering, users can scan replacement or discontinued parts when original drawings are unavailable."

Read the full review at Industry Analysts, Inc.

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For makers and professionals:
Scan Dimension presents the new desktop 3D scanner SOL PRO with high scanning accuracy

In German, 3D-grenzenlos Magazin promotes SOL PRO 3D scanner with high accuracy scanning for hobbyist and professionals.

"The Danish 3D scanner manufacturer Scan Dimension presents the SOL PRO, a new professional 3D scanner in desktop format. This offers a scanning accuracy of 0.05 mm and is the successor to the SOL 3D scanner. We present the new SOL PRO 3D scanner in more detail," writes 3D-grenzenlos Magazin in German.

Read the full review in German at 3D-grenzenlos Magazin

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