Scan Dimension

Scan Dimension webinars

Scan Dimension webinars

Our 3D scanning experts host live webinars where they answer customer questions about both SOL and SOL PRO 3D scanners as well as everything else related to 3D scanning.

The first webinar is now available on YouTube and you can go straight to a topic of your interest by clicking on the timestamp.

00:00 3D scanning Q&A webinar
00:37 SOL/SOL PRO: Do I always need to scan inside the tent to get good results?
02:40 SOL PRO: Can I manually mesh my scanning passes of the same object?
04:30 Video: SOL PRO: Scanning symmetrical objects using ‘Optimize alignment’
07:50 A dive into the content of the Scan Dimensions YouTube page
08:52 What is the difference between SOL and SOL PRO? And why would I want one over the other?
12:09 SOL PRO exclusive features: Options for scanning dark surfaces and unsteady objects
13:34 3D scanning spray explained
16:28 How to become a reseller
17:18 Where to find support for SOL
17:34 Where to find support for SOL PRO
18:03 Types of technical support issues
19:02 What can you find in Knowledge Base?
19:50 SOL/SOL PRO: Tips about power
21:09 SOL/SOL PRO: Which are macOS supported?

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