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3D scanning a cast of a hand

3D scanning a cast of a hand

We 3D scanned a cast of a baby hand. Scroll down to see the 3D model.

3D scanning is a great way to save memories and share them with others either as 3D files or for 3D printing.

"I cannot bear the thought of not having this cast of my son's hand. It's a memory of the size he had as a 2-year old, and brings past experiences to life in a different way than images do," says the owner of this cast. 

Now we have digitized the cast for saving and for printing in 3D and gift to other family members.

The 3D model

Back to scanning. The scanning was done on the SOL 3D scanner.

The specs for the scan:

  • 3 scanning passes
  • Normal mode
  • Near scanner position

Watch the 3D scanning result in the preview below - you can spin the model around to watch it from all angles.


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Thanks for reading and happy scanning.


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