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New features in SOL PRO Creator 2.0 software

New features in SOL PRO Creator 2.0 software

Scan Dimension announces the release of SOL PRO Creator 2.0, exclusive to the SOL PRO 3D desktop scanner available for download Wednesday this week.

This software update combines SOL PRO Creator’s familiar intuitive interface and highly automated approach with a new live view of the 3D modeling process, as well as opportunities for users to step in at key stages. As a result, it’s made 3D scanning of symmetrical objects with few or no distinct features – a well-known challenge – faster and more accurate.

“At Scan Dimension,” explains Jacob Bendix, Global CCO of Scan Dimension, “we believe that whenever the scanners and software can do the hard work, they should. But we work closely with our users – their feedback is a key driver in development. What we heard is that many of them value a hands-on approach as much as they value a streamlined, easy-to-use process. We developed Creator 2.0 to give them both.”

New: Transparency

The new SOL PRO Creator 2.0 software lets users see the scan in progress. The software shows a live view of the point cloud being built, which users can rotate and inspect.

Additionally, Creator 2.0 displays thumbnails of the automatically aligned point clouds after each scanning pass, so users can visually confirm proper alignment before the automated meshing process.

Improved: User control

Just as before, SOL PRO Creator’s automated processes deliver consistently high-quality scans for asymmetrical objects with abundant scan alignment features. When it comes to highly symmetrical objects, however, users can now take action to shorten the path to a quality 3D model.

“Because symmetrical objects are notoriously difficult to scan, the new version of our software ensures users can review alignment before they commit time to meshing,” continues Jacob Bendix. “And when an adjustment is needed, we’ve made it easier to get that done.”

Highlights include:

  • Option to delete individual point clouds
  • Faster manual alignment, using matching pairs of user-selected points to align two point clouds at a time

Version 2.0 also allows users to delete unneeded sections of the scanned object directly in the software. As always, artifacts and other loose or floating points are automatically removed.

Flexible storage, installation, and operation

Finally, Creator 2.0 offers greater flexibility. Users can now select the location where the file collection will be saved, making it easier to share files and manage data storage limitations.

“SOL PRO Creator 2.0 is about options,” Jacob Bendix explains. “As a result, this update doesn’t just benefit those who wanted more control over the process – it’s a value-add for everyone.”

SOL PRO 3D scanner

Maximum accuracy

0.05 mm (0.002 in)


Automatic, with option to reuse last successful calibration

Camera and texture

8 MP camera captures color texture (HDR quality)

Full process time per scanning mode*

Full resolution: 15 min. (Normal), 20 min. (High accuracy)

Medium resolution: 8 min. (Turbo)


NEW Manual alignment, NEW Point cloud edit, Exclude texture, Dark or partially dark surface, Unsteady object

Appending/adding scans

Yes, automatic global alignment of added scans
NEW option to delete scanning passes

* Per complete 360° scanning pass including calibration, scanning, and meshing.