Sol by Scan Dimension

SOL Scanner Testing

Thank you for participating in our pre-launch testing of the SOL scanner and software.  We are very excited to get feedback from the maker community to help us enhance the product to best meet your needs. 

Your candid feedback is incredibly important to us and that feedback may enable your Maker Space to keep the scanner for ongoing use:

Email Address

As part of the feedback process, you will be asked for an email address that we can use to reach you for follow-up questions or clarifications.  Email addresses will not be used for any future marketing activities, with the exception of notifying you that the product is available for purchase once it is launched.  For any further communications after launch, you will need to opt-in to communications via the website.

Scan Model / Upload

Additionally, as part of the feedback process, we ask that you upload a copy of your scan so that we can have context for any comments or feedback.  Within the software, you can easily upload a final scan model via the SOL viewer application by clicking on the P3D icon: Sol by Scan Dimension - 3D scanner: Accurate, Affordable, Professional

For testing purposes all models will be loaded using user name: solecat and password: soltest

Please note that this account/password/scans will be closed and deleted after testing is completed, do not use for long-term storage.

Help & Support

If you run into problems requiring help or support, you can check our support pages and knowledge base at

Please note, we are building out our support pages in parallel to testing, so some features may not be fully functional yet.

Additionally, if special assistance is needed, contact

System Requirements

Scannable Dimensions:

  • Near mode scanning size is a cylinder 100 mm in diameter and 100 mm tall (3.9 inches in diameter, 3.9 inches tall)
  • Far mode scanning size is a cylinder 170 mm in diameter and 170 mm tall (6.69 inches in diameter, 6.69 inches tall)
  • Max scannable weight on turntable is 2kg (4.4 lbs. or 70.5 ounces)

Machine specs:

System Requirements

Quick Start Guide

To Install the SOL Software, as shown in step 6:

Quick Start Guide - Scan Dimension - SOL

Printable User Guide