SOL by Scan Dimension

Testing out our production models

Testing out our production models-Sol by Scan Dimension

We believe our scanners are good, but we wanted to know just how good they stack up to the competition, so we bought multiple competing scanners and tested them with one of our favorite test objects, a dragon:

The single pass test

To start off and get a quick assessment of the overall quality, we started with a single scan pass of the dragon in an upright position.

Competitor 1 - $649 List price


Competitor 2 - $2499 List price


SOL - $599 List price



Overall, we were pretty pleased with where SOL stacks up in terms of price versus performance.  We're still actively improving our software, so expect our results to improve.  We'll also continue testing against other scanners, adding multiple passes to evaluate improvement in results, and re-test as we adjust our our software.  

Check back to see further results.